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A Message from Principal Jennifer Calvert

Welcome to Nolensville High School. According to popular legend, the town of Nolensville began after the Nolen family’s wagon wheel broke while passing through town. They realized the potential in the land and the area, and they stayed. Today, Nolensville is a thriving community. The broken wheel is not only a symbol of the town but has been used by the school since its founding in 2016. To NHS, the open part of the wheel represents the fact that we include all of our fellow classmates and community members, welcoming newcomers.

Our school’s mission is to cultivate a community of learners that fosters innovation, encourages service, and empowers students to discover and develop their strengths. Nolensville High School does this by being an institution that values the arts, athletics, and academics. We offer a variety of courses and extracurricular activities to support students in their endeavors.